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02 December 2007 @ 10:28 pm
i've had livejournals and xangas and dead journals and sconex and everything.
i've kept leather journals, tiny journals, princess journals, hello kitty journals

but i neglect them because they give me nothing but its a motherfuckign journal

why do i expect it to give me anything or heal me or god what do i even want?

everything goes downhill after 16
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05 June 2006 @ 09:48 pm
sorry folks
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24 May 2006 @ 08:46 am
last fall i completly overplayed the garden state soundtrack seriously i think it may have been all i listened to in september/october '04

today i listened to it again on the beautiful B and it was great and i was studying chemistry and i didnt kill myself and tremont came superfast

except now im in school

which sucks

i wish i was doing okay and not getting 3 d's so then i could relax and be guilt free

i need school to be over

3 days this week, 4 days next week, 4 days the week after (CAT POWER) 2 days the week after, REGENTS, a few days, CHEM REGENTS, a few days

ireland on the 29th!
home on the 26th

9-5 internship forever and ever. i kinda cry but i do need to do something

bell rings
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rainy saturday. i purposefully ate many carbs to be sleepy and in bed it is glorious. Unfortunatly I think I actually have to go to the outside now.
Why get dressed for a rainy day?
exactly my point exactly
thursday starts SPRING BREAK
sadly i realized except for taking a test or 2 and waking up at 615 AM and feeling guilty for not doing work.
My life is a vacation basically and i'm not excited and i wonder if it is because my life is a vacation or if those blue chunks of chalk equalling 200mg that i take daily are taking this away.
i'm off
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31 March 2006 @ 08:08 am
my birthday yesterday was lovley, fabulous, and everything sixteen is supposted to be.
i am not behind in tech.
i've been trying to go on the internet less but when i get home i have 75+ community entries to leave... time to get rid of some.
it is warm and i wore a skirt yesterday and it was amazing.
conclusion: all is well
spring brings the warm brings the happy eases the burden the pain of the soul you look out the sunny window and run around with no sweater and go to shows and dance in the street
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15 March 2006 @ 09:26 pm
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hey baby won't you please come quick, this old cocaine's making me sick.
i'm considering making this public.
like link in my profile
i'm disconnecting too many people
would this even help
i won't thats too scary
i love how i dont trust the internet
yet i use it a whole lot
i'm watching family guy and i thought about school and i died alittle inside
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ugh so i was trying so hard to like do the whole school like but its a lie (haligh, haligh) a lie an awful lie
i got a math cut card for febuary 3rd
check the date
right now
it is the 18th.
i aint going to no detention
by the way to get a cut in mr cohen math u gotta do something serious
like fail
by the way to fail in mr cohen's class, u gotta do something serious
like not have an average over 40
by the way to not have an average over 40 you have to
1. not go to class
2. not take notes
3. cut the test
4. cut the quiz
5. have a learning disability

oh lord i'm quite dumb but what's done is done and oh well
on a positive note the snow is gone !!!
its about time

If you could feel this pain inside, its from the drinks we drank last night its from the drinks we drank last night

I haven't really done many substances in the longest time, this isn't intentional just sometimes i forget that i'm here
i'm not opposed, i'm just not obsessed
theres this tick tick tick inside i feel it and it knows that i could be a cokefiend and herion addict and live reckless lifestyle. Party all night all morning. I'm just so prone to obsession which is addictions close cousin.

Well, thats what i like to tell myself


and dem cancer sticks
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31 January 2006 @ 08:02 am
its 802 and i'm in tech drawing
hell has froze over
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18 January 2006 @ 07:59 pm
so i meant to update but honestly i've just been doing so much work....

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